We are aware of a recent issue with our online credit application. The box in the lower left hand corner of the application that reads "Acknowledgement and Consent" is very hard to find and is hard to click on. This box must be clicked for security reasons with your personal information and is in place for legal reasons. There is a coding issue with the website and we are working with our website provider and designers to correct the webpage.

Laptop and PC users, it is hard to find but you can mouse over the small dot and click the button. It can be done but it's very hard to find.

Mobile phone users and tablet users: This issue will make it extremely hard to find and apply online. Please be patient with us as we work to solve this issue.

We can email or fax you a credit application that can be filled out and emailed or faxed back to us. Also, all of your customers are welcome to come to the showroom to fill out a credit application with us for the fastest results and immediate consultation with one of our Finance Managers. Please call us at 724-387-1512 with any questions or concerns. Thank you again to all of customers for your patience with us as we fix this issue.